If content is the king of Social Media, consistency is the queen. It’s about showing up when you say you will. It is a challenge when life intrudes, but there are ways to make it easier for you. Planning your posts a week or a month ahead helps. Categories and themes are all great ways to simplify your content.

For example, try dividing your week in the following way:

  1. Make me smile Monday: No one can argue that Mondays are hectic. Try posting a joke or anything that will make your readers smile. I would hold back on large amounts of new content. You want to remind them that you are there, but not overwhelm them on an already overwhelming day. 
  2. Top tip Tuesday: Like Mondays, Tuesdays are still busy, post a tip or something that is simple, short, and easy to read and apply. 
  3. The Wisdom of Wednesday: By Wednesday, people are getting ready to spend some time on the web. Post your new article or something that takes a bit more time.
  4. Thought for Thursday: Post an inspiring quote on a Thursday. 
  5. Fun Friday: Find anything fun. Like Monday, we are a bit battered, but by now, we are spending more time online. Something fun and light hearted can make all the difference. Remember it is a reminder of your presence, not a barrage of information. 
  6. Weekends: Sharing is Caring. Find posts on other blogs that your readers will enjoy and share them. Remember to credit the shares. 

Re-arrange these days or themes to suit you and your followers. Use any type of system or theme to make it easier for you. If you write a food blog, try, for example, to write about breakfast on Monday, lunch on Tuesday, starters on Wednesday, mains on Thursday and desserts on Friday. Use Saturday and Sunday for drinks and snacks. You get the idea.

Auto-post is a great tool to use. Schedule your posts, but make sure to check in everyday to make sure the links and uploads are working.

These are, of course, just suggestions. When you post, and how much you post, is up to you and your followers. If you work with a team of writers and you have a large following you can post more often, but find a rhythm that you can keep up with. Download a blog planning template or write on a calendar.

Plan well, so that you can be there when you say you will.

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by Mia Botha